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The NJFOA-Shore Chapter has over 150 members dedicated to officiating HS football for the NJ Shore Conference.



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    • If you would like information on the 2017 Cadet class, feel free to Contact Us. 2017 Cadet applications/forms are posted on the Contact Us page.

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Chapter Council

  • President:
  • Al DeSantis, Jr

  • 1st Vice President:
  • Bill Van Schoick

  • 2nd Vice President:
  • Mike Galbavy

  • Assignor:
  • Sam Riello

  • Treasurer:
  • Anthony Perrelli

  • Trustees:
  • Jim Foligno

  • Brian Fyfe

  • Kyle Moberg

  • Interpreter:
  • Bill Surdovel

  • Cadet Supervisor:
  • Kevin Fleming

  • NJFOA Rep:
  • Mike Kilmurray

  • Past President:
  • Phil Senecke

  • Dick Amdur

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