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Welcome to the NJFOA Shore Chapter

The NJFOA-Shore Chapter has over 150 members dedicated to officiating HS football for the NJ Shore Conference.



We are now accepting Cadet Applications for the 2017 season. If you would like information on the 2017 Cadet class, feel free to Contact Us. 2017 Cadet applications/forms are posted on the Contact Us page.


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Chapter Council

  • President:
  • Al DeSantis, Jr

  • 1st Vice President:
  • Bill Van Schoick

  • 2nd Vice President:
  • Mike Galbavy

  • Assignor:
  • Sam Riello

  • Treasurer:
  • Anthony Perrelli

  • Trustees:
  • Jim Foligno

  • Brian Fyfe

  • Kyle Moberg

  • Interpreter:
  • Bill Surdovel

  • Cadet Supervisor:
  • Kevin Fleming

  • NJFOA Rep:
  • Mike Kilmurray

  • Past President:
  • Phil Senecke

  • Dick Amdur

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